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Steps for AKA MS remote Connect
June 1, 2021 Uncategorized John Crist

The Aka Ms remote connect is way to connect the individuals to enjoy playing the Minecraft game as a group with computers across the world. Steps to Setup Aka.MS/remote connect using smart phone: Firstly, open website and check your gaming device and login into your account. Secondly, login to your Microsoft account. Now, follow

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How Coronavirus also ‘affects’ video games?
May 10, 2020 Uncategorized John Crist

How the world pandemic could affect the future of video games? The current situation has not only indelibly changed our habits but has also influenced the near future of the most varied production sectors, including the electronic entertainment industry. Our approach to video games changes, which become almost indispensable for daily entertainment. At the same

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How to Connect Canon Printer to Mac?
April 2, 2020 Uncategorized John Crist

Today’s article mainly deals with the ways within which we will connect the wireless moreover as a wired canon printer to the Mac computers instead of laptops. Before starting the method confirm that you simply meet the below following conditions: Confirm that you simply must have an access point (occasionally mentioned as a router or hub) via which you may get an online connection. The access point should have a physical WPS push button available. Confirm that

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How to Fix Airpods Not Working?
February 24, 2020 Mac Tech Support, Uncategorized John Crist

AirPods are Apple’s Bluetooth wireless earbuds that include a unique, Apple-developed chip, the H1 (AirPods 2) or W1 (AirPods 1). That helps optimize battery use, enhance the Bluetooth connections and improve overall audio connectivity. Here, you will find help for airpods not working. Computer connection woes This isn’t much of an issue with newer Macs,

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How to Fix Avast Won’t Open?
February 4, 2020 Uncategorized John Crist

Causes of Avast Won’t Open Problem on Windows Avast Won’t Open Error due to many different problems. However, it’s possible to come up with a shortlist which can provide the most common ones which affect the majority of users. Determining the correct cause is great for finding the best solutions and resolving the problem of

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Brother Printer Troubleshooting Tips 2020
January 30, 2020 Uncategorized John Crist

Todays’ article mainly deals with the issue of brother printer troubleshooting. So, let’s get started with the solution and methods to fix this issue. Set your printer as Default Printer If your brother printer is not set as Default Printer, the system will not choose the printer first when you try to print something. Press Win +

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Is Your YouTube not working right now?
January 11, 2020 Uncategorized John Crist

YouTube is the most used application or platform in today’s world. And every day every minute one person uploads their video on YouTube platform for getting views and earning money. And most of the people have got their fame and money by YouTube but the condition is anybody has talent who could like by the

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How to Set up Messages on Mac?
December 28, 2019 Computer Tips, Uncategorized John Crist

In today’s article, we will discuss about how to set up messages on MAC. steps to set up Messages on the Mac. So, here are the steps which clearly indicate how to set up messages on Mac. So, look at the steps carefully: Launch Messages from your desktop, dock, or Applications folder. Enter your Apple ID email address and password.

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How to Uninstall Office 365?
October 17, 2019 Uncategorized John Crist

Microsoft office or office is a set of software introduced by Bill Gates. It has all the services provided by Microsoft for representing, storing, processing data in various formats. There are different ways to uninstall office 365. Office 365  is software as a service solution that includes Microsoft Office and other services, such as email

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