How to fix Error Code 0xc0000225 Windows 10

How to fix Error Code 0xc0000225 Windows 10
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What is Windows Error Code 0xc0000225?

Get an answer to fix “0xc0000225” a surprising error has come” boot error for Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 or Vista” operative systems. Error not a big issue but we have to solve it urgently all error is very common issues on your computer all, the day we are facing Error but some Error can create the problem it would damage or spoil your computer and laptop. Quickly solve out the entire problem if you are facing. In this article, we give you all the solution about How to fix Error Code 0xc0000225 Windows 10.

Fix Error Code 0xc0000225 Windows 10

The error in most cases shows the blue screen of death (BSOD) with the message indicating “Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.” You may also receive a message indicating.

The error 0xc0000225 is extremely common problems with the Unified extensible firmware Interface and hard disks that have GUID Partition Table (GPT) theme than those with the normal Basic Input Output System (BIOS) that have Master Boot Record (MBR) theme.


There we are giving several methods of resolving the error. All methods may apply directly to a specific Windows OS, it should give you an idea on how to solve the error “0xc0000225” on any other Windows OS.0xc0000225


The startup repair tool can be very useful in resolving the error 0xc0000225. This tool scans your computer’s system and repair any damaged files or fix any anomalies in the BCD. The tool comes in handy during a case wherever the pc is unable to boot from installation media.

  • Insert your Computer’s OS installation media
  • Then shut down your computer before restarting it again.
  • Press any button before the appearance of the Windows logo.
  • Select language and keyboard options before clicking on “Repair my Computer”.
  • Allow the tool to scan your computer before selecting your installation.
  • Choose “Startup Repair” from the recovery options.

Then your computer automatically starts to scan for any issues and will try to solve the same. Then you need to restart your computer to see error solve or not.


  • Insert your computer’s OS installation disk in the system drive.
  • Restart your computer and press any key before the start.
  • Select language options.
  • Choose “Repair my computer” on the resultant screen.
  • Select “Troubleshooter” option > “Advanced Options” > “Command Prompt”.
  • Write “diskpart” and hit Enter to load the utility.
  • Select the volume labeled ESP and Enter.
  • Assign any letter to the volume (Z) and hit Enter.
  • Choose “Exit” to go back to command prompt.
  • Write “ bcdC:\windows/s Z:/f UEFI “Press Enter and open UEFI environment boot files.
  • Your error may be solved and restart your computer.

This method only works if your computer’s system hard disk is of UEFI.


This tips can be very useful in fixing the error 0xc0000225 if that the error relates to BCD.

  • Put your computer’s OS installation disk.
  • Restart your computer and press any key before the appearance of the Windows logo.
  • Select the language option.
  • Press on “Repair my Computer”.
  • Select the installation location, in “C” drive.
  • Select “Command Prompt” on the recovery options screen.
  • Write “bootrec/rebuildbcd” then Enter.
  • Press “Yes” when the command asks Windows Installation.

Now you can Restart your computer forsee issue of Boot error 0xc0000225 is resolved or not, and your computer can boot without any issues.


Error 0xc0000225 also can be caused by new installed anti-virus/malware program that prevents its launch. Disabling it will simply resolve the error.

  • Put your computer’s OS installation disk.
  • Restart your computer and press any key before the start.
  • Select language options.
  • Choose “Repair my computer” on the resultant screen.
  • Choose “Troubleshooter” option > “Advanced
  • Follow the “Startup Settings”. Options”.
  • Click on “Disable early launch anti-malware protection”.

TIPS 5 – Delete Empty Partition to fix 0xc0000225 error

Click “Start”.

Go to “Control Panel”.

Go to “Manage your Computer Settings”.

Search for and find the empty partition (EFI).

Delete it before closing the tab.

Now you can restart your computer to see your problem solve or not.

Method 6 – Hard Disk Replacement

Change your computer’s hard disk now only 1 option of overcoming error 0xc0000225 in case all of the above methods if now work. Note that you need to Change the hard disk. Now you also need to format it before performing the installation.

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