How To Activate McAfee Livesafe

How To Activate McAfee Livesafe
May 23, 2018 No Comments Antivirus Tech Support John Crist

How To Activate McAfee Livesafe

This is normal for a bank, shop, sharing, and many devices To socialize online, everywhere, all the time just protect your PC It’s not good enough now your entire digital life is needed to be safe. McAfee LiveSafe service secures you – your data, identity, And all your devices. Whatever you do, wherever you go, McAfee LiveSafe enables you to stay online with trust.

If you want to get the most out of McAfee LiveSafe as quickly as possible. Just follow these instructions on how to protect an infinite number of devices, manage all your passwords with McAfee SafeKey, and store and protect sensitive files, documents with McAfee Personal Locker.


Are you connect to the Internet on numerous PCs or Macs? Do you have all the guarded? Notwithstanding of at which point several devices you exert to go on your digital career, McAfee LiveSafe protects you from viruses and malware and enables you to doubtless govern and monitor generally told the devices* in your household.

  • Log in to your McAfee My Account. (
  • Select the [+] sign on your dashboard to add your device(PC).
  • Under “Add a Device” option, choose “Protect this PC” and click “Download.”
  • To “Choose a Product,” Pick “McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security” and click “Download.”
  • Read the McAfee License Agreement and click on “Download.”
  • Save the installation file and double-click it.
  • Accept any of the warnings that may appear.
  • When the security warning box pops up, click “Run.”
  • In the User Account Control box, click “Yes” to install.
  • When a window seems and asks for your email address and password, you enter your McAfee account login statistics you created when you bought your product.
  • Next, choose between “Complete installation” or “Custom.” We recommend you choose “complete installation,” as long as you do not want to customize your settings during the installation process. Then, click “Next.”
  • When a window opens and asks “Do You Want to Allow the Following Program to Make Changes to this Computer,” click “Yes.”
  • Finally, click “Done” to complete your installation of McAfee LiveSafe software on your PC.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can now open and organize your McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security software on your desktop.


If you have so many passwords, cannot you just keep track anymore?  Or do you use the same password for all your online accounts? Install McAfee® SafeKey for a simple and secure solution for password management that works on PCs.

Firstly install McAfee SafeKey on your computer

  • Sign in with your “McAfee My Account”.
  • Under the “My Password Manager” in your My Account dashboard, click “Get Started.”
  • Under “Add a Device,” choose the PC icon, and then click “Download.”
  • To “Choose a Product,” select “McAfee LiveSafe – SafeKey,” and then click “Download.”
  • And you will be directed to the download page. Be sure to save your McAfee SafeKey activation code that is provided here – you’ll need it later.
  • Click “Start Download” and then click “Run.”
  • Click “Next” to create your McAfee SafeKey Account.
  • You will be asked to close your browser to complete McAfee SafeKey installation.
  • When the installation is complete, re-open your browser and click on the McAfee SafeKey browser icon (that is in your browser) to log in to your McAfee SafeKey account.
  • To add usernames and passwords to your account: Log in to any of your favorite sites. When suggested by McAfee SafeKey, click “Save Site.”
  • To add login name and passwords manually, click on the McAfee SafeKey browser plug-in icon, and choose “My McAfee SafeKey Vault,” then click on the “Add Sites.”
  • Now you can safely manage all your passwords with your McAfee Livesafe account.


Do you want to store your sensitive documents in the cloud storage to save these from the stealing by the hackers?  McAfee Personal Locker is ultra-protected cloud storage that uses biometric certification so you can safely store your personal documents online.

  • Sign in to your McAfee My Account.
  • In My Account dashboard under the “My Secure Files” click “Get Started.”
  • Under “Add a Device,” select the phone icon and click “Send Link.”
  • To “Choose a Product” choose which type of mobile device you have and then select “McAfee LiveSafe – Personal Locker.” Then, click “Next.”
  • Enter your email address to send the McAfee LiveSafePersonal Locker link to your smartphone and then click “Send Email.”
  • On your mobile device, go to the McAfee email that was sent to your phone and click the “Get Started” link.
  • Please write down the activation code that is provided in your email – you will need to use it later in the installation process.
  • Once you are in the app store, click “Install.”
  • Select which type of mobile device you want to install on, then click “Install.”
  • After reading the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy click “Continue,” then click “Continue.”
  • You will now create your McAfee Personal Locker account.
  • Create a 6-digit PIN. Enter the PIN again to ensure accuracy. Then, click “Continue.”
  • Take a picture of yourself by clicking “Take My Photo.” (It takes 3 seconds to take.) Accept the photo or retake it.
  • Say the phrase after clicking the “Start Recording” button. When finished with the phrase, click “Stop Recording.” You must say the phrase 3 times.
  • Answer 5 security questions, clicking “Continue” between each answer. You can change the question using the drop-down menu.
  • Once set up is complete you can start using McAfee LiveSafe – Personal Locker as a mobile application on your smartphone.
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