How to cancel an Office 365 subscription?

How to cancel an Office 365 subscription?
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Office 365  is one of the subscription models offered by Microsoft that, in exchange for a payment of between 79.99 and 119.99 Dollars per year. It allows us to have the entire Office suite legal and updated to the latest version. In addition to being able to enjoy other features, such as 1 TB of cloud storage or calls via Skype.

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When we choose to pay a subscription to any service, whether it is Spotify, Netflix, Office 365, etc. We do not know how long we are going to be subscribed. Since things can change in a short time and what was previously something essential. Such as Office applications can become an unnecessary expense in a moment.

As long as we have a valid subscription we can enjoy all the advantages without any problem. However, if we want to prevent this subscription from being renewed we must cancel the subscription before the date. Once canceled, Microsoft will no longer charge us the amount, unless we activate the automatic renewal again.

How to cancel Office 365?

To cancel the subscription to Office 365, the first thing we will do is access the following website from which Microsoft allows us to manage its services and subscriptions. On this page, we will be able to see a summary of all our subscriptions. As well as the different options that we will have to be able to manage them.

In our case, the subscription that interests us is the « Office 365 Home «. Click on «General information» in this section and we will arrive at a new section where we will see the different Office options and from. For example, we will be able to install the latest Office.

To see everything related to the Office 365 subscription, we must go to the ” Payment and Billing ” section. We can see a page like the following.

In the ” Payment settings ” section, we will be able to manage what is related to the payment of this subscription. If we want to cancel the subscription, simply in the section where it says “Office 365 Home” we will click on “Cancel” and that’s it. We will cancel the Office 365 subscription and we will no longer be charged for any renewal.

Users can easily use all the benefits of Office 365 until the end of the payment period. We can also cancel periodic billing from the corresponding section. So, instead of billing, we can continue to use Office 365 using prepaid cards.

Change your Office 365 payment method

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If instead of canceling the subscription we simply want to change the payment method to continue enjoying the benefits of Office 365. Then instead of canceling the subscription what we should do is choose the option. “Change payment method” and choose the one that We want to use. For example, a credit card or, as we had in our case, PayPal.

In the case of Office 365 prepaid card, we do not want to provide our bank details to Microsoft. Then we will redeem said code from the corresponding option.

After changing the payment method, or redeeming the prepaid card for this subscription. We can continue using, without restrictions, everything that this Microsoft subscription model offers us.

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