How to Install Hp Printer on iPhone?

How to Install Hp Printer on iPhone?
April 25, 2019 No Comments Computer Tips John Crist
install hp printer
installing hp printer

How to Install Hp Printer on iPhone?

Now with modern technology, smartphones and smart printer and computers are the normal things. Now, you can do printing jobs by your iPhone, iPad, and iPod by installing Hp Printer on iPhone. If you are also looking to Install Hp Printer on iPhone, iPad, and iPod then you are at right place. Here you will read the steps to install printer on iPhone.

You need to perform these 2 steps before and while printing

Before begin Printing-

Now, check does your HP Printer supports for Air Print? if yes then you can perform the further steps.

Secondly, Check the printer and phone are with in range. So you can perform further steps.

Steps need to perform to Install Hp Printer

How to print with Air Print

  • Open the app like pdf reader or office from which you need to print the document
  • Now, Click on App’s share icon
  • Click on Print
  • Select the printer and choose the Air print enabled printer device near you
  • Select the number of copies you need of the document
  • Now, select the print in the upper hand corner
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