How To Troubleshoot BullGuard Antivirus Issues

How To Troubleshoot BullGuard Antivirus Issues
November 11, 2017 4 Comments Antivirus Tech Support John Crist

How To Troubleshoot BullGuard Antivirus Issues

Troubleshooting an issue might be done by anybody who wishes to work as his own resolution expert. BullGuard Antivirus issues might not leave you perplexed, as there is the constant dosage of help everywhere, whether on the site or through calling the support team. There are several issues that a customer might come across while troubleshooting BullGuard related topics. Some of them are:

Firewall related message that some application is now in active mode on customer’s PC, does this affect the system security?

BullGuard Customer Service 1-888-294-8062

BullGuard Antivirus Firewall automatically allows applications to get attached to the PC and they are in perfectly safe mode. They are legally approved as well.

Firewall constantly asks if the permission ought to be granted to applications that are to get connected while accessing the Net, what has to be done?

Under such conditions, you need to tick the option of Remember My Answer and then allow or don’t allow, as per your choice. This way you won’t have to ask again and again. BullGuard is a great help.

Post installation of BullGuard the internet connectivity has been affected and the Net has disconnected, what has to be done?

You need to open BullGuard Go to the Firewall section check Application Rules in ionized form. Set your internet browser to Allow. This way the error can be eradicated. Otherwise, click on the Firewall is an active option in the Firewall window. You might connect to support for further help.

After installation of BullGuard, there are some applications which are not working on the system any further, what can be done now?

Open the BullGuard main Firewall portion then click on the icon Application Rules. Set the option to Allow. You might add programs in the Application Rules list on your own.

Attack warnings are there from BullGuard Firewall, does this mean an attack on safety and security?

After receiving notification messages from BullGuard Firewall, which means the attack has been blocked, there is nothing to be worried. For five minutes attacker’s IP would be banned.

Upon installation of BullGuard, an error states: firewall can’t be installed because the network settings could not be locked exclusively.

How can the Firewall be installed?

Watch the software that is installed. Be on a lookout for network management applications. Uninstall these for some time, and then reinstall BullGuard. Call Bullguard Customer support services if the issue is not resolved.

After the installation of BullGuard, the internet connection has slowed down to a greater extent, what has to be done?

Check for Firewall by turning it off, notice what happens if you turn it on, suddenly. If the issue gets resolved here, it’s fine. However, if the issue doesn’t get resolved here, please make sure that every firewall application is uninstalled. Once windows firewall gets turned off, reboot your PC.

If you can’t resolve issues on your own you might connect online to BullGuard Support. It is the best kind of technical support; you might connect to the executives 24×7 365 days. Support is at your disposal, you might ask them anything regarding the topic that you are encountering, the issue you are facing at one particular time.

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