How to Upgrade Norton Security to Latest Version

How to Upgrade Norton Security to Latest Version
August 15, 2017 7 Comments Norton John Crist

Upgrade Norton Security to Latest Version

Norton by Symantec is the biggest security software making company in the world. Its product is highly demanding in the market. Norton products gave us complete security by malware, virus, spyware, and other threats. It also protects you in the cyber world. In addition, it gave you protection against cybercriminals. Its security software is highly secured your pc files and your online data. It is the most trusted company in cloud security. Its product ensures your safety by the new type of viruses and threats. But for defending them it is very important to update the latest version of the products in an interval when updates are available. But many times we face some issue in updating Norton products. That is why we decided to give the best way of Upgrade Norton Security.

How to Upgrade Norton Security to Latest Version

You can update your Norton Product if you are an active subscription. A user can update it from Norton Update Centre and Norton Account. You can Upgrade Norton Security free without any cost of money as long as you have an active subscription. Windows users update their Norton products from both by Norton account and Norton Update Centre but not MacOS users. MacOS users only update their Norton Antivirus from the Norton Account is free if they have an active subscription.upgrade Norton Security

Update Your Norton Security

Update of any software is important because it makes the less resistive environment and gave security by the new type of viruses. Like them, it is also very important to update your Norton product if the update is available because of the protection against new viruses.

If you are trying to update your Norton Product from the service provider, and then please go back to your service provider’s website and update your Norton product fast and easily.

There are two places where you can update Norton Antivirus. As we discuss one is Norton Update Centre and another is Norton Account. But for Mac OS you only update your Norton Product from the Norton Account.

Methods to Upgrade Norton Product

Update your Norton Product from your Norton Account

  • Go to your Norton account and sign in your account
  • Go to device page, under the device name; now click update next to the product which you want to upgrade.

If Update option will not be visible then it’s mean that your device already has the updated product of its latest version. And when there is an Update is available then it shows the Update option.

Update Norton Security from Norton Update Centre:

  • Go to Norton and log in here
  • Go to Norton Update center and click to update me now button
  • If the download does not start then download updates of Norton Products manually.
  • After clicking the downloaded file, Security Warning is pop up.
  • Click “Run” and follow the onscreen instruction and after this, your device is updated Norton product and you have Norton Latest updated product.

I think that you are not facing any problem now in Upgrade Norton Security for Windows and MacOS after this step-by-step description.

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    Thanks for the sharing Norton upgrade security information.

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